Projects Across Procurement Transformation, Operational Excellence,
Marketing Innovation & Optimizing Revenue

Project Highlights

  • Ownership of Microsoft US centralized multi-tiered marketing operations managing $3,200,000,000 in spending with less than .75% operational cost versus 1.5% industry standard while contributing to millions of dollars in pipeline for sales

  • Streamlined $150,000,000 of Microsoft partner revenue pipeline programs at average cost-to- revenue of 25 times ROI. Managed 7,200 unique partners with compliant SLA of 99% across 26 active programs and average of 2,500 requests per month that drove pipeline of $500,000,000

  • Constructed and launched a team to influence $165,000,000 in Microsoft revenue and 1.2 times increase in OEM PC deal to customers with implementation of seed and loan program

  • Defined, developed and recruited a global team for Microsoft centralized operations of marketing services. Reduced costs by $15,000,000, drove 100% audit compliance, and reduced transaction processing time by 25% with 99.9% SLA performance.

  • Enabling 45% increase capture and creation of 52,200 Microsoft net new contacts year over year placed into marketing automation, and 20% event reduction with more than $2,000,000 in savings year over year.

  • Assimilated 100% of Rogers converged process with third-party media management firms to provide visibility, agility, and controls, with savings of $8,000,000.

  • Expanded Microsoft social selling to a 10,000 Sellers WW with a comprehensive program of 1:1 coaching; increased content creation by 32%, reduced sales cycle times by 12%, increased forecast rates by 13% and improved the MQL lead conversion by 24%.

  • Simplified Sprinklr's TOFU, MOFU and BOFU MQL’s tactics by 40% to ensure the inside sales leads were converting 20% more to manage a challenge in pipeline while reducing the budget by 30%.

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