Murray Oxley | CEO

A senior executive with a dedicated focus and expertise on optimizing operations, marketing and revenue to help every business grow.

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About Murray Oxley

I have lived in over 9 countries and consider myself a global citizen.  This has definitely shaped who I am but also has provided me the ability to really love and live life to the fullest every day embracing all opportunities and challenges to influence change and impact others, so that we are all empowered to grow and succeed.

I love to synthesize business complexities by creating clarity through shared understanding.

My business & leadership style is to create energy inspiring optimism, creativity and growth with action.  I listen and learn by enabling team dynamic strengths, to define and implement strategies driving business transformation.

Some of my favorite books are Growth Mindset, Nonviolent Communication, Servant Leadership, Win Forever, Now, Discover Your Strengths, and Mindfulness.

My personal philosophy is: for everyone to love and live life to the fullest every day and embrace the opportunities and challenges head on together.